The first TVR ‘Wedge’ chassis resto begins in earnest

To date, we’ve mostly specialist in the chassis refurbishment of TVR Chimaera, Griffith and S models. We’ve also taken on the chassis’ of customers who’ve taken the cars apart themselves, but we’re delighted to report we’ve now got a ‘Wedge’ on the go, in the shape of a 400SE model.


Carrying out this level of work for the first time on any model is never going to be hugely profitable, but it should provide a solid learning platform, allowing us more accurate gauge costings, as well as offering options and upgrades that befit the Wedge better. And, as Wedge owners will already know – they differ quite a lot from the other models!

To keep up to date with the progress on this refurb, check out our new blog on our Facebook page, here:

OPENING HOURS 6th June – 10th June

Please note our opening ours for the stated week may differ slightly from our regular hours due to holidays/annual leave. For this week, please treat our hours as 10:00am – 5:00pm, and avoid lunch hours (as there might not be somebody here!)

If you want to pay us a visit, best to call ahead to make sure someone will be here.

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TVR Chassis Refurbishment Package Revisions & Price Updates

We are currently making some alterations to our package options for TVR Chassis Refurbishments. We’re aiming to refine and improve upon the packages we’ve offered over the last few years, and will be updating the website over the coming weeks accordingly. DSCF2975-001

Apologies if the specific piece of content you’re looking for is missing. If you need any assistance or information, please call Richard,┬áMonday-Friday 9:30am – 5:30pm who will be only too happy to discuss your options with you.

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The Southways Team


We’re asking all customers who’ve either had a TVR chassis refurbishment carried out with us, or possibly a kit car built by us to please book their cars back in with us at their earliest possible convenience for an inspection of the rubber fuel lines. If we have changed the fuel lines on your car, we need to hear from you!

It has been noted that some cars fitted with certain types of rubber fuel hose fitted by us during restoration works are showing premature signs of deterioration. Though the hose may be marked correctly through either an SAE or ISO approval rating, we believe there is a chance that a faulty batch of hose has found it’s way to us in the past couple of years.

We are unable to identify which supplier the hose has come from, sadly. We are therefore offering to replace under warranty (irrelevant of timescale or mileage since repair) any car we inspect and find fault with. We’re asking all customers to book their cars in with us at their earliest convenience so we can inspect and determine whether their car is affected by this particular type of fuel hose. Though we believe only a small number of cars will be affected, we’re asking to look at them all.

We believe the faulty grade of hose to be 7.6mm internal diameter, and to be marked as ‘SAE J30R9’ grade fuel hose. However, we politely request we inspect the car regardless of hose marking, purely for peace of mind.

There is a good chance the number of affected vehicles will be low, due to the fashion in which we buy our stock (we only go through 15-20m a year, so we’ve not been working from a 100m reel bought four years ago, for example. We believe the number of affected cars will turn out to be small.

J30R9 fuel hose as fitted in March 2015


For reference, the hose in the attached image was fitted in March 2015. It doesn’t bear relevance as to where on the vehicle this occurred – THE ENTIRE FUEL LINE COULD BE AFFECTED, AND NEEDS TO BE INSPECTED AND POSSIBLY RENEWED AT NO COST TO YOU.

We have now used a different, but equally well-respected supplier for a fresh batch of J30R9 and A1-grade fuel hoses to retrofit to any affected cars. This is a supplier we have not used in the past.

If your car is currently with us, or is due to be with us for similar works, it will be fitted out with the same hose we are using for the rectifications jobs as a matter of course.

We’ve tried to contact all customers we still have contact details for. If you’ve used us in the past, and have not received any correspondence, please contact us to book your car in for an inspection.

On the back of this, we strongly advise anybody who hasn’t had their fuel lines changed recently (but has read this far) to still go and inspect your fuel lines. The increased levels of ethanol in fuel today is playing havoc with certain systems on cars, and the fuel hose affected in this image is J30R9 – a higher permittivity grade hose than A1 (ISO7840). An old hose from 1992 designed to handle early incarnations of unleaded petrol stands very little chance against the increased ethanol in fuels today. We believe the ethanol content is to blame here, and that although the hose should be capable of working with it, a certain batch seems to be struggling.

We hope there are no more affected cars and that the inspections will prove fruitless. We thank you in advance for your cooperation, and apologise in advance for any plans that may be affected by this.