COMING SOON – TVR Workshop & UK-based Mobile Inspection Services

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll shortly be adding detailed inspection of TVR used cars to our remit.


‘Taking the plunge’ is a term most associate with making the decision to purchase yourself your dream TVR. Many people spend hours and hours hunting down the right car for them in terms of colour, or trim, only to find two months down the line after they’ve bought it that a host of mechanical issues were sitting there, waiting to be unearthed.

It needn’t be a ‘plunge’ though. With some sensible planning and caution, used TVR ownership can prove to be an extremely cost-effective, yet rewarding experience. You just need to make sure you’re looking at a good one.

This is where we come in. With a wealth of knowledge regarding chassis corrosion, we’ve been there, seen it and done it! Our experience with Chimaera, Griffith and S-series models is well-documented, and we pride ourselves on being picky, fastidious, pedantic and thorough when assessing cars. All qualities you don’t want to find in the person sitting next to you at the bar, but when it comes to sifting through used cars, it’s a useful set of attributes!

We’ll be offering both detailed chassis assessments on all models, and full vehicle assessments in the case of Chimaera, Griffith and S-Series cars. These services will be tailored to include both assessments carried out at our workshop, and a mobile service, where we will come to you.

More details on this potentially useful feature to come in due course.

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