Follow the ups and downs, aswell as the upside-downs of running an off-road racer in our new blog on our Facebook page.  It’s public access – you don’t need a Facebook account to view it. is the address to find our page.

The Rally Raid Desert Warrior (pictured left in it’s more common state) campaigned by Bill Nixon this year is a Discovery II based, Rover V8 powered vehicle we support in competitive events.  We organise storage, transportation, logistics, preperation service/repair duties.  Bill and his co-driver Fraser take care of the driving/competiting.

We’ve also added a new blog –  trying to rid an Alfa Romeo 75 of rot.  We’re also in the final stages of building a BMW E46 M3 Touring, the blog of which will feature on there shortly.  Well, we do seem to take on jobs others say can’t be done!

SUPERCAT 002 Becomes Number One!

 Congrats to Guy and Liam for finishing (what we believe to be) the first home-built SuperCat to be IVA’d and registered as a Southways Sports Car model.  This particular car was the second produced by us after taking over the SuperCat model from Tiger Racing.  Powered by a 2.0 Zetec engine running motorbike carbs and a Chester Sports Cars igntion kit, it’s got the punch to match the track-inspired looks. 

This car is also the first car to officially hit to road sporting the two-tone rear body tub (our new demonstrator is, ahem, unfinished!).  We really like the look of Guy’s car, and he and Liam have made a cracking job of this Cat.  More pics will shortly be uploaded to our Facebook page.

FIRST BLOGS STARTED – TVR Chimaera body-off and Moss Monaco

For the long-term, it’s planned to incorporate a blog section on this very website.  For now, however, we’re making good use of our Facebook page ( to bring our first blog-type report on one of the projects we’re tackling.

It’s always interesting to flick through images of car guts (if you’re anything like us anyway) and it gives people an insight into the sort of work we do and services we offer.  This 1998 Chimaera 400 is with us for a full body-off chassis refurbishment and the fantastically eccentric 1985 Moss Monaco is in for major body mods, including relocation of the bulkhead and pedal box!


To visit these blogs in full, simply go to and click on the photo albums –  you don’t have to be a Facebook user to view, they’re setup as full public access.