2012…..the verdict!

  • Well we’d better round 2012 up then, hadn’t we? Well….it was a pretty eventful year all round for Southways Automotive. A slight change in direction has seen a dramatic rise in TVR-related business, with a variant of the marque having been present in the workshop for chassis refurb work literally every single day of 2012 (another well-known TVR specialist asked me how we were doing the work as cheaply as we have been!) In fact, it was deemed the TVR workshop has been moving so quickly, that it required us to purchase a Chimaera to become demonstrator model to take on the road aswell as developing some new modifications and upgrades on (que Rob!)

  • We’ve been working on some very exciting bespoke projects too; with one BMW E46 318i to M3 Touring mechanical conversion completed, we thought we had something to be proud of. But to then be tracked down by a client in Norway, who had a vision of the car he wanted and felt we could bring it to fruition was humbling. The project BMW E46 M3 CS Touring SMG is now fully under-way, and we firmly believe this car, once completed, could be one of the finest builds ever to leave our workshop. Finishing the year with a Hillman Imp called Hilda looking to reliably more than double it’s power output and a couple of retro ’80’s throwbacks enjoying some freshening-up, it’s certainly been a diverse year in the workshop. Where else could you go and find an Ultima GTR in one corner, and a Citroen BX in the other?!

  • The kit-car turnover has also been strong, with a cracking range of different vehicles in throughout the year. With our free IVA retest scheme due to be launched shortly, coupled with the bookings we already have, 2013 is shaping up to exceed where 2012 will leave off tonight. Some of the projects lined up are truly exciting!

  • We’d make no claims about the SuperCat as a model boasting impressive sales – it simply hasn’t and that’s no secret. But it’s not something concerning us; we’ve put little to no effort in to promoting the model and have specifically concentrated on other, faster moving aspects of the business. This decision has paid off exactly as we hoped it would. However, we will be working on a big update to the car in 2013, the result of which we’re confident will bring the model bang up to date with the competition. Watch this space…..

  • In short, 2012 was very eventful for the company – the most eventful since it was born, in fact. We waved goodbye to a key member of the company, and welcomed a new face in the workshop. We’ve had ups and we’ve had downs (luckily more ups than downs) and in an-ever increasingly quiet market we’re pleased to report we’ve been practically bursting at the seams all year. So busy that we couldn’t squeeze in the annual open day! (We’ll make up for it in the spring!)

  • Thanks to everyone who’s supported us throughout 2012 – no matter what you asked us to do, all your custom is appreciated. We wouldn’t exist without our customers and we never forget that.

  • So, 2013 has a lot to live up to, but it’s looking to be pretty exciting from our point of view already! We hope it is for you too!

TVR Detailed chassis assessment service now available!

We’ve added a new badge to our list of TVR services – detailed chassis assessment.

Aimed at people who are either looking to buy a vehicle, sell a vehicle or perhaps just want piece of mind on their pride and joy, this service involves the following:

    • *Vehicle lifted on to ramp in ‘wheels-off’ state.
    • *Detailed assessment of outriggers.
    • *Detailed assessment of main lower and upper chassis rails. 
    • *General under-body observations and recommendations including mechanical.
    • *Written report detailing results of inspection. Can be paper-based or online.
    • *Full size colour photos of chassis in detail (can be hosted online or copied to CD at   no charge).
    • *All reports are given a unique ID and records can be kept (at your request) in the event the report is misplaced.

The cost for this new service is £50 (inc. VAT). We ask that customers book their cars in with us in advance. Where possible, we will try to accommodate timings to suit (we realise if you’re arranging this on a car you’re interesting in purchasing some logistics will be involved!)




We invite you to (yet another) Chimaera project blog on our Facebook blogs page….only this one is different. This 1997 Halcyon Atlantis Blue TVR Chimaera 400, is our 1997 TVR Chimaera 400! It’s a 100,000+ Cat C write off with no service history whatsoever. It’s riddled with faults and things you should walk away from.

It’s to become our workshop demonstrator; we’ll completely turn this car around and use it to showcase pretty much all of our services in the TVR marketplace at various shows and events all around the country. We’ll also use it to test new developments (and also just for fun!) It’s going to be a long road and, following a completely biased Facebook vote it’s now going to be known as Rob!

To follow the trials and tribulations of such a project, follow our Facebook blog at www.facebook.com/SouthwaysAutomotive. You don’t need to be a member, or even a Facebook user to view it – it’s completely open access to the public.