SOUTHWAYS NEWS September 2013 – A new website and an early Griffith……


Hard to believe September’s already here! With the workshop busy as ever, even throughout the summer (usually a quiet period for sports cars) we’re ready for the weather to cool a bit!

Speaking of cool, how’s this for a Griffith:

DSCF8873-001This pre-cat Griffith 430 is in with us for one of our full-chassis refurbs. The earlier cars do have a better powdercoating from new, but at some 21 years old it’s a fair game to now give this car the works! But Griffith 430s are a bit like buses. No, nothing to do with the way they drive! More to do with how they arrive, because to have one 4.3 Griffith here is a rarity, but two? Yup, there’s another one on the way also in for a refurb, along with an S. A winter of TVRs then!

Also on the cards for winter, a new website! Yeah, yeah, we know….this one isn’t exactly old! But contrary to what you might believe, the current site was more of a stop-gap thrown together. The fact it turned out as well as it did in a short space of time is down to our expert IT man, Andy. He’s now working on a fully polished version which will plugin to our Facebook page directly, meaning any update on there will be automatically replicated on here. The new site will fully feature the new logo, pages to projects past and present, detailed list of works available on TVR & MG models, aswell as kit cars. Also, a new page to feature the company’s demo cars including ‘Rob’ our slightly-battered TVR Chimaera, and the awesome Ultima GTR, which we’ll be running a competition to design the livery on in the near future.

Until then, our Facebook page can be found here:  

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