We are delighted to offer a special offer price on all Evans Waterless Coolants throughout the summer of 2015. It’s the hottest time of year, so the perfect time to upgrade your car’s cooling system!

  • No Water No Problems
    Over the last twenty years Evans waterless engine coolants have been tested and proven by OEM’s, fleet operators, racing teams, professional restorers, plant operators and automotive aficionados to increase reliability and reduce operating costs. The high boiling point of Evans coolants are also facilitating improvements in engine design, performance and fuel economy. Evans products are certified non-toxic and documented to last 20 years without need for replacement or top-up.
  • No Water No Corrosion
    Water is the root cause of corrosion in engines. Current antifreeze formulations regularly fail to prevent cavitation, oxidation and galvanic action, eating away pumps, radiators, liners etc. Corrosion build-up, inhibitor drop-out and lime-scale precipitation significantly reduces heat transfer efficiency and accelerates overheating.
  • No Water No Erosion
    As water flows through an engine cooling system it is subjected to many obstacles and constrictions. The resulting turbulence creates rapid changes in pressure forcing small pockets of water to vaporise. This process produces voids in the liquid known as "cavitation bubbles". As the pressure normalises the bubbles collapse generating forces great enough to punch holes in the surrounding metal. Evans Waterless Coolants have a much lower vapour pressure than water which means it is far less likely to vaporise when subjected to the turbulent pressure changes.
  • No Water No Overheating
    The operating temperature of an engine is very close to the boiling point of water. Hotspots within the cooling system can lead to localised boiling, generating steam which increases system pressure and prevents effective cooling. Evans Waterless Coolants have a boiling point of over 180°C, far above the operating temperature of the engine. The high boiling point ensures that the coolant remains liquid at all times enabling consistently effective cooling. Eliminating water elimates the problem of engine overheating, boil-over and after-boil.
  • No Water No Pressure
    Hotspots within the engine cooling system cause localised boiling. The steam generated significantly increases the pressure within the system putting stress on hoses and other components. Evans Waterless Coolants have a boiling point of above 180°C and will not vaporise within the cooling system. Cooling system pressure is greatly reduced.


The prices are as follows (fully inclusive of VAT @ 20%):

You can convert your pride & joy yourself. We are able to supply you instructions, and the product specification and quantity you need. For all conversions, you will need the correct quantity of both prep fluid (unless you have prep fluid you have used and kept previously) and coolant. The amount of coolant required depends entirely on your car’s cooling system capacity. We have databases with most cars’ specifications listed – please contact us for further details.

Prep fluid 2L: £15.99  Summer 2015 Offer price:  £14.69

Prep fluid 5L: £39.95  Summer 2015 Offer price:  £36.72

Waterless Coolant (all specifications) 2L: £29.95  Summer 2015 Offer price:  £27.50

Waterless Coolant (all specifications) 5L: £64.95  Summer 2015 Offer price:  £59.62

All prices include VAT at 20%. We are delighted to offer an additional 5% discount to all current TVR Car Club members, and members of the armed-forces.

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