SUPERCAT 002 Becomes Number One!

 Congrats to Guy and Liam for finishing (what we believe to be) the first home-built SuperCat to be IVA’d and registered as a Southways Sports Car model.  This particular car was the second produced by us after taking over the SuperCat model from Tiger Racing.  Powered by a 2.0 Zetec engine running motorbike carbs and a Chester Sports Cars igntion kit, it’s got the punch to match the track-inspired looks. 

This car is also the first car to officially hit to road sporting the two-tone rear body tub (our new demonstrator is, ahem, unfinished!).  We really like the look of Guy’s car, and he and Liam have made a cracking job of this Cat.  More pics will shortly be uploaded to our Facebook page.

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