Since our beginnings in 2009, we’ve been fortunate to have some of the best customers a small enterprising business could hope for!

“Southways Automotive is probably the top garage in the South! Not only do you get fantastic customer service but the guys explain everything in a language you will understand!
Two years ago I brought a Hillman Imp into them which was ratty by any standards. I had no idea what I wanted to do with it apart from make it running and make it special…. And this is what they have done. So much hard work and effort has gone into this car and its unbelievable. They have so much knowledge and passion that I have never seen in a garage before!
I would recommend them to any enthusiast that is looking to either having some minor work or a full rebuild!”
Tim Kemp, 1973 Hillman Imp Special

“Southways repaired the rotten chassis on my tvr and did a great job!”
Matt via Facebook, TVR 400SE

“Despite being over an hour’s drive from my home, I have taken my TVR to Southways on several occasions. In fact other than myself, they’re the only people that I’d let work on my car. They’ve carried out jobs from annual servicing, to a complete cam replacement. Each time they have been thorough, efficient, professional and have always carried out the job to an extremely high standard. Both Rich and Steve are old school engineers, just the sort of people I want looking after my TVR. They know the cars inside out, proof of that is evident in their workshop where you can usually find a TVR stripped to its bare chassis! No job has been too small, or too large for them in my experience and as they know the cars so well, they can carry out jobs much quicker than I ever could! Thanks for all your help this year, and keep up the good work!”
Daniel Yeates, TVR Chimaera 400

“Superb service good communication”
Barry via Facebook, TVR Chimaera 400

17October 043

Oliver’s stunning (and very rare) TVR 3000S Turbo

“Having moved to Hampshire I was unsure who to trust with my TVR 3000S turbo, but followed the Car Club recommendations to try Richard at Southways Automotive. I really was so pleased with their care and attention to detail, I knew it needed a few jobs doing for the MOT and all these were done quickly and efficiently. They also looked over the car to advise me of anything else that was likely to need attention in the future, even small items I could do myself. Despite never having worked on one before – TVR only built 13 – they quickly worked out what was what and seemed to enjoy getting to grips with it.”
Oliver Edwards (Sprint M-series editor), TVR 3000S Turbo

“I booked my car in for a service with Southways based on the recommendation of a fellow TVR owner. It was advice well taken. Although they held my car captive for 2.5 weeks as the simple service turned into a camshaft change (plus a number of other bits and pieces) I can honestly say I’ve rarely met more knowledgeable and helpful guys as I found Steve and Rich to be. The car is running fine, thanks guys!”
Graham via Facebook, TVR Griffith 500