TVR Repairs

It’s not just TVR chassis’ and servicing here at Southways; We can attend to your car in nearly all aspects of mechanical repair.


We don’t believe our customers should be subsidising a solid oak floor or a diamond-encrusted service counter, as it won’t benefit their car! As a result, our reduced overheads can be passed on to you, the customer, in the form of a lower hourly workshop rate of only £59 (incl. VAT) for all TVR repair work (and don’t forget, TVRCC and DDS card holders are entitled to a further 10% discount).


While we feel the reputation on TVR reliability is unfounded, especially on the older models, TVRs are cars you need to know. Whether you have a Cerbera clutch that has lost its fingers, or a Chimaera camshaft with circular lobes, we can help. We specialise in S-series, Chimaera and Griffith models, but are able to turn our attention to pretty much anything that comes our way, and, in the case of the most specialist area of all (the AJP engines) we’ll help and provide service where we can and be upfront and honest where we feel you would be better suited to an outfit with more experience in a particular area.


Some examples of fixed-price work we can offer (all prices include VAT @ 20%):


Chimaera failed bonnet hinge repair (all incl.): £225.00

Chimaera/Griffith base idle reset & diagnostic test: £35.00

Chimaera/Griffith exhaust manifold gasket renewal (all incl.): £199.00

Cerbera/Chimaera/Griffith (T5 models) clutch replacement (excl. parts): £399.00

V8S/Chimaera/Griffith/Wedge camshaft change (excluding camshaft kit, including oil and coolant change): £499.00


MoT Tests: £54.00


Though we are not an MoT test centre, we are able to arrange MoT tests on your behalf using a local centre we have built an understanding of the cars with. MoT tests are available at £54.00 and free retests are valid for 10 working days. Though it may seem longer-winded to have one garage use another garage for a test, it’s actually a procedure that brings peace of mind for many customers.

Give us a call on 01329 220755 to speak to Richard for further information or for any help & assistance you require. You can also contact us through the email function of this site, which can be located in our ‘Contact Us’ menu.