Ultima Builds & Services

The term “kit car” is often viewed by some as a derogatory term.  We fiercely defend the corner of such cars, but every now and then a model comes along that needs no defending.  The Ultima GTR, CanAm and Sport can be applied to this group.  The fact that Ultima and the word ‘ultimate’ sound similar is more than just coincidence!

We have built a number of these Supercars (and that term can honestly be applied) over the years and can be considered one of the country’s leading specialists in the build and repair of these machines.

We can offer practically any service you care to think of when it comes to Ultimas.  A broad list of our services include:

  • * Fully commissioned builds
  • * Project completion
  • * IVA pre-inspection and preparation
  • * Modifications and upgrades
  • * Rolling Road Services

Fully commissioned builds –  An option which has become increasingly popular is to employ a build agent to attend to your own car.  We can go as far as collecting your kit from the Ultima factory personally, right up to build completion, IVA and registration.

Many options are available when it comes to specifying your dream Ultima.  Usual engine options include the ubiquitous Chevrolet ‘small block’ V8 (power ranging from 350bhp – 720bhp) which has powered numerous American sports cars and light trucks over the years, right up the modern emission-friendly Corvette LS3 (430bhp) and LS7 (505bhp) V8 engines, the advantage being the LS range are available as brand-new crate engines and meet the most up to date emissions requirements.  Less is often more however, and many people fall into a trap where they strive to up-spec as many components as they can in search of headline-grabbing power figures, compromising the build progress and cost, not to mention drivability as you may later find!  We offer completely neutral advice and expertese in all aspects regarding the specification of your build.  In many cases less is more, but the choice is entirely yours!

Project Completion – Another regular approach taken by our customers, is to employ us to carry out tasks on their build which they are perhaps unable to complete themselves, or no longer have the enthusiasm to keep the build progressing themselves and just want to get behind the wheel!  We have taken on all forms of work, from a chassis that’s barely had the alloy panels riveted on, to a car which starts and drives but needs finishing details.  Please contact us for further information on what services we can offer and which direction the project needs to take for IVA and registration.

IVA pre-inspection & Preperation – One aspect of building your own car that is often put to one side, is the IVA test.  It’s very easy to get carried away with tuning your engine in pursuit of huge power figures, or setting your car up to be a track-based monster, but if you want to drive it on the road then the car has to pass IVA.  From emission and noise restrictions to the position of switches on the dashboard, all areas need to be designed and built with the IVA test in mind.  Whether you have purchased a part-built car, or want a final checkover before submitting your own build, we can offer a pre-IVA inspection to check your cars suitablility.